In Judeo-Christian mythology, he is the first man and the husband of Eve and the progenitor of the human race. To other he is a sucker with low self-esteem, and the puppet of his wife Eve.
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The end result of Adam's careless wife!


Adam and Eve are said to have been alive around 4.4 million BC.

Later he was a fallen angel though this myth appears in the Duranicom, and later in Milton Bradleys work, it is clear that the Duran Duran offers only a slightly modified version of the account, contained in the "Book of Adam and Eve, and Hair Man in Underwear". Most likely, the presence of this myth in both the Muslim and Christian religions can be traced back to the first century AD and the "Book of Adam and Eve", which was popular reading among early Christians, and would have certainly found its way into secular life as well.

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