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Alcoholic beverage, any beverage that contains alcohol that can make people drunk and stupid by drinking too much of the stuff this includes beer, whiskey, wine, and liquor.


The invention of alcoholic beverages is heavily debated and often credited as being invented by the early men who wanted to drink their woes away because of women who rejected them from a tribal dance.

This was the start of the beer industry of the Stoner Age and since then beer has been a huge part of the culture in the area in what is now called modern-day Europe and also wine was made in the Middle-of-the-World region of the continent.

However, not everybody was on board with making alcoholic beverages and tried to ban them from their countries by making them illegal to consume and have in their possession.

By the 19th and 20th centuries beer has been part of the society of different countries and consumed in large quantities in festivals and music concerts which is now legal in some areas for obvious reasons.


Alcohol can be made from numerous ingredients but some of them are dangerous for human consumption such as pine cones, acorns, twigs, stones, and other unconventional ingredients.

However, these are banned from being put in alcohol and usually they use smart ingredients such as corn, hops, grapes, and other grains that ferment overtime creating the wonderful drink

Effects of Alcohol

The effects of alcohol can be very detrimental to health in mind and somebody who drinks responsibly can enjoy alcoholic beverages and not get in trouble with the police or rob a butcher shop for no apparent reason.

However, too much alcohol can make a person act like a fool and also see things that aren't there like purple unicorns doing the polka dance while juggling penguins this is not a good sign.