The government-mandated alphabet.

The alphabet is a group of letters written a sequence that is part of human language or just looks fancy either way it is s used in our daily lives.

Also the alphabet is used to spell out words and other things like mathematics, writing love letters, and also encrypting your computer from North Korean cyberattacks.

However over the years lot of letters were added to the alphabet making it the most problematic thing to learn in schools because of the new government guidelines.

Many angry parents protested outside the Department of Education because of batshit insane teachers wasn't addressing the problem therefore starting a riot.

The Letters of the Alphabet Edit

  • A /eɪk/
    • B /ˈbɛt/
  • C /ˈsiːn/
    • D /deɪ/
  • E /iːl/
    • F /ɛlf/
  • G /ɡiː/
    • H /ɛtʃ/
  • I /ɪl/
    • J /dʒɑɹ/
  • K
    • L
  • M
    • N
  • O
    • P
  • Q
    • R
  • S
    • T
  • U
    • V
  • W
    • X
  • Y
    • Z
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