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Assholism, assholeism, the most common type of mental illness that affects millions of people every year and it often includes profanity, mood swings, and fatigue from constant ranting about unimportant things.

There is no cure for the common asshole and many attempts were made to find a solution for this behavioral disorder without any success assholism is incurable by all means and it will always be part of society.

Signs and Symptoms[]

Assholism is characterized by behavioral and psychological factors stemming from environmental to social factors such as politics, social issues, religion and food the asshole would even argue about how he or she dressed today.

Here are the common traits of an asshole:

  • Excessive rudeness and volatility.
  • The lack of empathy is a common trait among assholes they don't care about other people's feelings whatsoever.
  • Erratic behavior and paranoia about being the victim and not taking responsibility for their own actions.
  • Sudden outbursts and verbal attacks.
  • The use of profanity and threats.
  • Physical and mental abuse of others.
  • Morbid bigotry and racism against all kinds of people.
  • Sweating profusely from the hands and feet.

However, these characteristics can change over the course of a certain time and new symptoms can occur without warning oftentimes resorting and more destructive behavior listed above.


Walking away from assholes is not that easy and takes a long time for this mental disorder to go away and therefore it can not be cured what conventional medication or treatments.

Another way to avoid assholes is to shut them out of your life and block them on social media because they will use that as a tool to get into your brain turning you into an asshole.

Today more research is being done by the medical research organizations that deal with assholism on a regular basis and are making progress with developing a cure for this obnoxious medical condition and sometimes it works out for some assholes.