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Atheism, the belief that holds that all the gods in other religions do not exist and humanity should stop worshipping them because they are not real therefore no more holidays, family gatherings, and more activities should be banned indefinitely.


In 10 B.C. atheism started as a joke then it escalated into a full-blown war between the church and the common people also shattered time.

The feud between church and state led to people attacking each other with no obvious motive.

At the end of the war, the atheists were thrown into the future, and where happy hour was introduced by the end of the 15th century as the church wanted to induct more happy vibes.

Modern Atheism

The atheist movement didn't die it is still around today but it's more tamed than before especially in the United States.

This didn't stop the liberal was from spewing their rhetoric in the book Against The Gods which was written and published in 1965 by an unnamed author.

In the book, it said "The gods are superhumans disguised as such and tricked us throughout the years" this caused a lot of controversies and the book was banned in some cities.