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A beachwatcher's target.

Beachwatching, a sport invented by men to watch hot women sunbathing on the beach and write down the records.

The rules of beachwatching are quite simple don't be annoying or too invasive towards the women and have fun.

There are many controversies about this game accusing the players of sexism and harassment towards women.

However, there are many women who are flattered by the attention of men and sometimes it creates a friendship between the two.

Variations of Beachwatching


An example of sandy-cheeking.

Sandy-cheeking is a practice of looking for sandy butts on the beach it is a new trend in beachwatching.


A bikini woman engaging in towel flirting.

Towel flirting an older form of beach watching involves the process of chatting with a bikini woman on a beach towel while being flirtatious.


Men have been beach watching for centuries and sometimes it leads to a friendship between the two.

In the late 17th and 18th centuries, pirates landed on islands just to see women.

However, there were the occasional rabid harpies that plagued the islands and harassed the pirates.

Also, sailors were victims of these attacks but usually involved wild women who chased them off the island.

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