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The common red bra that is commonly associated with lust.

Bra, an undergarment that supports the breasts in some cultures the bra was banned because idiots decided to suppress women and have them suffer. Here in the States, there is a requirement to wear them. But sometimes women like going braless in the same way men like to wear underwear any place they please or wish.


A bra on a breast cake is traditionally made in a country far away.

When women got tired of bouncing their boobies they tied them with rope to keep them still. However, this caused a health problem because the rope cut off the milk supply for mankind.

A skater girl wearing a protective bra.

The Brassiere's Impact on Men

The bra is a way to get a man to notice a girl and tease her cruelly. Bras keep men guessing what kind of surprise is underneath the cups. Also, men hate bra shopping when their girlfriend or spouse decides to drag him off his ass and makes him hold her purse. This act, however, was rewarded by women letting men play with their boobs or sleeping on them as pillows.

Other Uses of Bras

Brassieres can be used for fun!

Here are some fun activities to do with a bra:

  • Using it to make breasts dance.
  • Making it a huge slingshot.
  • A bra can be used for the storage of money, cellphones, laptops, and other items.