A woman engaging in breast dating.

Boob date, social breasting, is a stage of romantic relationships in humans whereby two people usually a man meets a busty woman, especially with large breasts socially with the aim of having a serious fling the future.

Attraction and Activities


This woman isn't sure what's going on here and she feels awkward.

The man usually asks the woman out on a date based on her breast size and body figure which is an important factor in choosing a partner and how the date will go usually it will go smoothly if she is impressed.

After he finds a partner they do all sorts of fun and exciting activities such as breast dancing, kissing, and hugging which is common on a first date and sometimes touching her breasts is really awkward and not something that is done on the first date nor is it advised.

On the second date the woman would dress up in more revealing clothing to seduce the male and she pretends the drop the fork sometimes actually does it in order to bend over showing her cleavage this is the time when the male glances at her chest.

After this ritual, the couple starts to chat over things like work or other social topics until they make eye contact and this is the time when the mail leans in and feels her boobies.

This part is really crucial to the future of the relationship and it often requires skill and precision if she smacks or pushes his hand away from her breasts she is not ready for a relationship and then leaves the table.

If she lets him continue to touch her breasts well it's time to pay for the check and go to her house and that's when the love really occurs.

However, the chances of this going wrong and right are about the same and should not be attempted without professional and mental training because of the dangers of failure is greater.

Negative Effects

  • Infatuation and guilt after the night are quite common and it can lead to psychosis.
  • Resentment of being wrong about the day and therefore never going on a date again.
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