"Boobville is on the next stop!" -Road sign

"What beauty of two mountains" -Unknown


Breasts in motion.

Boobs, boobies, knockers, the female breasts are mammary glands. The girl's boobs by definition are the most attractive and makes the men giddy. There are girls with more than two breasts (these women are goddesses) and in structure, and also in the composition of the milk that they produce for feeding the offspring, and attracting men.


Breasts have many names and uses. The word breasts has been mentioned since the dawn of man. Breasts also go by the common name boobies from the boob-bird's fetish to make nests in the cleavage. This term has been disputed for years now and now more common than the word breasts. Man's first encounter with breasts is when he saw his prehistoric female friend topless and nude then on he fell in love with the fountain of milk. But modern day society banned the display of breasts in public. This caused a public outcry from the Mankind Community.

Common Uses of BreastsEdit


Breast pillows

  • Men love to use them as pillows.
  • Floatation device
  • Tease men into traps.
  • Fun to play with in spare time
  • Stopping traffic to cross the street.
  • To shut men up when they're being a-holes

Floating boobs enough said.

Breasts are the oldest tool in the world to lure men and boys. More the breasts better the attraction. Only the weak can't escape the power of breasts.

How to Flaunt Your BreastsEdit


A woman flaunting her breasts the correct way

  • First lift up your shirt and strut you breasts.
  • Wear something bright like orange bras.
  • You have to be willing to deal with feedback from the public and also the internet

Extra BreastsEdit


This woman has extra breasts.

Extra breasts are found only in goddesses and lucky women. But some extra breasts can cause extreme excitement in men.


The most treasured part of the female breasts, nipples, provide milk in a natural attempt to persuade babies not to worship cows. Nipples are also good for shooting lasers, although no one has yet found the switch for this.

Breasts and FriendsEdit

Breasts attract friends and horny devils. They also ask for trouble and that's exactly how breast wars happen. Breast wars happen when two girls challenge each other when they're pissed. Breast wars go on for days without an end until the best pair wins.

Flashing Breasts & Legal IssuesEdit

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Flashing breasts in one's house is not illegal.

Some states allow flashing boobs in places. Like in Colorado flashing your boobs is legal as long as you don't have frostbite at the end of the flashing. New Mexico you could never flash your boobs you know you can flash them anywhere you want except on sacred grounds like Area 59 you may not flash them there.

Boob Identification PolicyEdit

The states now want a "b***" to wear an ID for their right to flash their boobies in public but a 2009 rally called for a change in the government's biases against these acts.

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