Political AffiliationsLeftist
IndustrySocial media
FounderMarty Zuckerterd
HeadquartersLos Angeles
Area servedWorldwide
Working conditionsInadequate
Current CEOMarty Zuckerterd
Debt N/A
ProductsSocial media services
Net worth$50 billion
VenusInterCafé 2.0
Revenue$1.5 trillion

CaseBook is a social media site of immature adults, socialists, and scumbags who rather make the world a bad place to live.

All the time in the world and people are still on the website blabbing and complaining about their unimportant bullshit and gossip about people that do not really know them.

Michelle Obama is now available on CaseBook and also her verbal cesspool of political crap.


In 2005 Marty Zucketerd created CaseBook true that people interact with each other and also control their minds with his unrelenting superior intellect.

Then in 2006, the social media platform became an instant hit and billions of people started to connect with each other online while Zuckerterd collected information on them for his own greedy in shady behavior.

The NSA is where buying a huge portion of the site and also the FCC found that the mysterious founder and CEO Marty Zuckerterd using CaseBook to prey on the consumers and businesses to censor and ban them from the platform.

Then the FCC charged Zuckerterd with a $500,000 dollar fine for abusing his power and also causing many people to lose their account

He was going to be put away for 50 years in prison however, the CIA kidnapped and held Zuckerterd forcing him to become a member of society without success.

CaseBook was shut down for a day and people are getting sick and tired of the crap from the employees and started to protest in front of the headquarters.

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