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Cleavage in action

Cleavage, is the cleft between a woman's breasts lying over the sternum revealed by a garment with a low neckline. It is associated with low-cut women's clothing, such as evening gowns, swimwear, casual tops and other garments, designed to emphasize the display of breasts.

Some people regard use of cleavage as a form of feminine flirting or seduction, within the confines of community, peer group and personal standards of modesty, as much as for its aesthetic or erotic effect. Many women use cleavage to enhance their sexual attractiveness. Some people derive erotic pleasure from seeing a woman's cleavage, some derive pleasure in their female partner's exposing her cleavage, and some women expose their cleavage for the pleasure of their partner.

Cleavage in SocietyEdit

Cleavage is a great thing to have if your a woman. Not only it teases men but gets the job done at the workplace. Yes cleavage is great, but nobody has always accepted cleavage as cultural thing.


In the United States, in two separate incidents in 2007, Southwest Airlines sexist crews asked travelers to modify their clothing, to wear sweaters, or to leave the plane because they did not consider the amount of cleavage displayed acceptable to prudes and snowflakes.

Then came a series of nude protests and plots to flash the CEO at the time.


Danika von Hüber

German singer Danika von Hüber created controversy when she wore a low-cut dress to the opening of the 2018 Großmusikfest.

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