"IMPEACHMENT!"-A favorite word of a Congressman


A Congressman agreeing that he's a dumbass.

Congress, a group of immature old men who are not willing to negotiate and also known to make dumb laws should be illegal onto itself because it's against the Constitution and it only benefits them not the people the "assholes" according to them.

Their meaning of politics is very old and archaic at best because of the outdated laws that they still abide by because they purposely forgot that the president already passed it.

They blame the president for everything that goes wrong and this is going to be mentioned throughout the article of how they hate the president and wish him ill will for no reason at all except tto make themselves look like assholes.

Structure Edit

Congress consists of representatives from each state especially in the United States and also they need to discuss unimportant bullshit that doesn't mean anything or benefits the people whatsoever.

Each member of Congress is part of a political party or faction that argues amongst each other and hardly passes any bills or statutes into laws because their disagreement with the president because they think he is a racist, sexist, or just an asshole for no apparent reason.

This is a factor that is quite common in the United States Congress because of their grudge against the presidents and blames him for everything that goes wrong in their lives rather than negotiating with him.

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