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"I'll destroy your soul or else you're going to pay me $5 to stop!"-Devil

Talk about a real hothead!

Satan, Prince of Darkness, the head honcho of Hell and everything that is evil and then yet he punishes us for doing evil things on Earth which is a contradiction but that's not important.

The Devil is the most feared and less popular character in our lives who tempts us to do bad things and also cheat on our tax releases or steal money from the bank depending on the situation.

However to defeat the Devil you need to be good and not a total dumbass and feed him hateful and blasphemous and sour food which he eats all the time from our sins.


  • Old Nick
  • Old Clothes
  • Old Scratchy
  • Old Goosebumps
  • Old Boring Demon
  • Old-Man-of-the-Fire-Who-Can't-Stop-Tormenting-Us


The devil has been torturing mankind for thousands of years. Tempting men to smack their livestock and spill beer on their wives and also fornicate with inanimate objects such as rocks and treasure chests.

Yes he's a pretty nasty character that should not be tempted by anyone including idiots who instigates anyone who is there in front of them yeah they're the first ones to go.