Dr. Angela Boobaloni

Dr. Angie in the field

Name Dr. Angela "Angie" Boobaloni
Date of birth Mid-80s
Gender Female
Status Divorced
Special talents She can perform neurology in the dark
First debut 2007
Known for Above-average intelligence, sexy hourglass figure and huge breasts, knowledge in neurological disorders
Popularity EXTREMELY

Angela "Angie" de Bubillezzo, a neurologist, writer and actress and former Dumbsey princess with huge breasts and sexy eyes. Her sexy poses made men excited for years.

She is known for her philanthropy and also research into the minds of men to determine how they react to women.

Angie graduated from the University of Barkley, Oregon with a degree in neuroscience and also human behavior after her husband Shawn Wonderfull left for another woman due to his cornography addiction.

Distraught she filed for divorce and received half a million dollars of alimony money from her former husband.

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