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The third rock from the sun.

The World, Terra Dumbus, "The Turd" is a huge planet or rock that is near the Sun. Also the humans inhabit this place as their own home.

Earth is also home to the most diverse and weirdest creatures of this whole Solar System.

The temperature of this planet varies from cold (-199°F❄) to hot (☀136°F) as hell.


The universe made Earth the first planet to become a state in 2009. Then a planet called New Plutonia declared war on Earth and lost due to distances of 3.9 million light years.


The 1990 elections made Earth a political battlefield for capitalists and florbocrats.


Earth is also popular to alien visitations that leads to total panic. This has been a fact for more than fifty years. Also the Earth is the destination for all kinds of weirdos and space criminals who are escaping from their own planets because of their dumb and stupid deeds.

More than 100,000 people migrated from the Earth and about 55% of them came back because of high quality of life.

The Multiverses[]

The United States is the center of the multiverses and also many timelines has been shattered on Earth for no apparent reason.