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Emotion is a mental state associated with the internal human electronic system brought on by chemical changes variously associated with thoughts, feelings, behavioral problems and responses, and a degree of pleasure or displeasure.

There is currently no leftist consensus on a definition nor do they have any which makes them dislike the most situations.

Negative Emotions

Sometimes the negative emotions are caused by stubbornness, assholism, compulsive deviancy, chronic diarrhea of the mouth, and craziness at this point one should consider his or her actions because of the negative impact on society.


People without emotions are called sociopaths and crazies that are really harmful to society but doing crazy crap such as burning down houses, sniffing glue, yelling at random people while not wearing clothes and other stuff deemed abnormal to some.

Brain Trolls

Really these trolls live inside people's brains and tell them what to do and how does it feel through sending them subliminal messages on television commercials and also billboards.

Over the years there have been thousands of incidents involving these trolls manipulating people into doing heinous acts such as running naked into traffic and surviving only to get hit by a truck and land into a frozen lake

This kind of person didn't have emotions, therefore, they didn't know what consequences are until it was too late and also they weren't diagnosed with any form of mental disorder they did it just to be jerks.

However in recent studies emotions are caused by electric eels that float around in the air causing people to hallucinate and see crazy crap that isn't really there but in some cases, these hallucinations are signs of a bigger problem such as addiction to being an asshole.

Positive Emotions

Love is the most common positive emotion in the human brain it makes people care for each other and also helps with reproduction through affection you're nothing in this world can ruin it until now.

The only person that ruins love is a jilted ex who doesn't know when to stop being an asshole and goes out for revenge against those who wronged him or her by acting out on their negative emotions which leads to the conclusion that love can turn ugly sometimes because of this unfortunate event.

People without Emotions