"I can't unsee the bananas!"-Angryman

Evil is something that is harmful foul and also pleasurable to those who do evil so it's not evil by some logic, therefore, it is s an endless contradiction.

However to humans, evil means bad intending to bring harm to one's psyche by showing them pictures of dancing bananas in compromising positions as a hypothetical and totally random example.

This wouldn't be a problem except for the fact that sing bananas doing all kinds of kinky things is kind of disturbing and also lewd making this argument valid.

"Please! do not write anything about this dangerous word!!!"-Alicia Icky

Evil is a word that means many things:

  1. Worship of demons and other things that go bump in the night.
  2. Something that is bad to the ones is not evil.
  3. Something that is good for the ones who are evil.
  4. An emotionless face when you kill somebody.
  5. The ill-natured things one does to others (example: Eat the last piece of cake!)
  6. The name of money when you love it.
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