"You owe the IRS your land!"-Scammer from an unknown country

Exploitation is the use of someone or something in an unjust or cruel manner by threatening to take away their rights to eat cake and personal freedom of acting like a crazy person.

This is usually done by making use of resources of someone in a shady way in order to benefit from their money or natural resources of the land by scamming them with prank phone calls from another country posing as the IRS and other government agencies.

In other words, they use them and leave them high and dry without remorse or guilt because they are total assholes and don't give a damn who they hurt and scare.

Environmental Exploitation Edit

The act of using and exploiting animals as a means to make a living off of their fur, bodily fluids, and talents to make a profit without considering the consequences of their actions.

Also, exploitation of the land means that one starts a gold rush in an area that doesn't have gold in it and looks for an imaginary place to go mining destroying the natural resources in the process also known as idiotic environmental ambitions.

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