Poop, pooh, crap, waste and dead matter that comes from the human butt. Feces has a foul smell and also it's known for attracting flies, bugs, and total idiots.


The word feces came from Porkish feces trampex meaning "wipe it up whining tramp" and it was used as an insult for wenches and tramps back in the Porkish Empire. Then the English found the word in Porkish manuscripts and it became the word feces.

Human Waste

Human feces also know as faeces or stools, is the waste product of the human digestive system and varies significantly in appearance, depending on the state of the whole digestive system, influenced and found by diet and health. If you a whole banana it will come out as a brown digested sturdy. The word crap came from the Porkish name Kræpœus meaning "the defecator" or "crapper".

Where does feces come from?

Feces comes from the butt of man. It's a curse and a gift to the toilet. Also the poo poo man takes feces out of the bathrooms and takes it to the magical land Beyond human imagination.

Humor & Feces

  • Porkish people used to throw feces at tramps.
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