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The common florb

Florbus fatticus, a rare animal that has a problem with its fat. The forb looks like an over-sized hamburger with all the trimmings and also they are often mistaken for hamburgers and also eaten without second thought.

Hunting and Trapping

In the United States declared hunting florb is illegal in forty-nine states. Alaska is the only unlikely place that you are able to hunt one. Over the years the hunting and consumption of this creature have been regulated by the local governments. Also, people can be fined up to $1,000 if they even trap this elusive species.


Florbs live in herd and also graze on grasses and vegetation. This caused the ecosystem to thrive through the dung of florbs and sea-bats often consume these droppings and the life cycle goes on as the sea-bat eggs hatch from the dung balls. However, the florbs get pissed off at these creatures and also go on a full-fledged rampage against their enemies.