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Florida Man Cay, an island city located off the coast of Florida in the home to the Florida man.


Settled in the time of the caveman, Florida Man Cay was always the home to drunks, beach bums, and the Infamous Florida man of which the island is in city is named after.

Then times were hard when it was known as Rum City. A series of plagues happened in this city between 1896 and 1978 causing economic and political problems for the city and citizens.

The first plague was high taxes, the second plague was alcohol being illegal on Sunday, and the third plague was women leaving the island with no apparent reason and fourth plague that led to Democrats to move in and wreck the place with their racist slurs.

Also in 1982 a jet engine fell on the city and killed the mayor and also destroyed the Rum Tower in the process costing the entire city about $1.5 billion in damages and lawsuits from the United States government.