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Girl freak, a hot girl who's big brains and creaky appeal lures men with her boobs and eyes. In real life they're shallow and rude to their boy toys.



Freaky girls are known to be rude and carry beepers in their tight shorts. The rights to seduce policy is a common practice in their society and "culture" in other places it would be deemed indecent and obscene. But they do listen to their own code of flaunting.

Freaky vs United States[]

The freaky girls filed a lawsuit against the United States for public indecency and the lawsuit was against the Democrats who called them gay and lezbos. But Senator Georgie McFry fought in their favor and the freaky girls won the case without any problem that's because they flashed the judge. Later the freaky girls sued the person who made then be humiliated. Casey Chest, Francine F-Cups, and Nicki Nipples all stood up a did a boob dance for the court.

Nicki Nipple's Testimony[]

Nicki Nipples said she was assaulted by the judge by having her nipples twisted to the maximum extent. The court was shocked at the pictures taken during the "nip assault" and the jury wasn't happy with Mr. Feelie who groped her.

Notable Freaky Girls[]