Gender is a complicated subject to discuss due to the fact that many genders are made up nowadays no one knows how many there really are.

Some claimed there are over a million genders and others claim there are only two and nobody knows for sure how many genders there are to be exact.

It doesn't matter as long as the person is happy with themselves and not listening to jerks who like to impose their dumb beliefs on the population.

The Two Genders Edit

The male and female are the most common in the world and also they are used everyday, unlike other genders that are frequently made up for political reasons.

This is causing a rift in society and also it is very uncalled for sometimes to impose beliefs on other people that's a problem that needs to be taken care of in the a civilized manner instead of violence because nobody wants to identify as an asshole.

However, it's alright to have more than one gender but forcing it on people can lead to a calamity and unwanted attention causing more conflict between the two genders.

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