Genie, genius is a spirit that grants mankind with the knowledge of the forbidden apples. Geniuses used to grant wishes to girls who wanted big breasts. But now they're not just an any girl's play toy. yes, in fact, they moved on to bigger things like taking over the world, eating chips, and having late-night phone calls.


Geniuses or only good as they come but they can be evil like Johnny Applewax. Johnny grew up in a bad neighborhood he was beaten with a baseball bat with nails. The day came when he had enough the crap out of his captors. Then Johnny moves to Florida and started the Genius Club but was later arrested for stealing nuclear weapons. But the geniuses never gave up and drive to strive to be better. As for Johnny no one knows what happened to him and his corpse. Some say he was burned to death. Others say he wasn't. What the lesson learned today was johnny was never fit for a king.

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