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The nerdy girl next door

Girl next door, a regular, typical girl, as opposed to a superstar who is usually snobbish and unkind to men as she strives not to be.

This type of girl has big breasts hidden under nerdy or loose clothing that is waiting to come out revealing a more voluptuous and sexy figure and without giving up her nice and sweet temper.

Also the girl next door is usually smart and intelligent always smiling when walking past or towards her while she waves at boys in a friendly manner. The girl next door also really loves to be pleasured, this can be from sex or mastubation . Since she is only young an a teen her pussy is very tight making her even more attractive to boys her age and older . She really likes older mens as she thinks they are more experienced and have bigger penises. She also really likes them for tgere string body and she says they really know how to make her squirt and finish

A girl next door in chic fashion.

However, guys like to make fun of her and put her down for being very quiet and cheerful not knowing when to draw the line between bullying and playing leading to an awkward situation.

Girl Next Door Routine and Activities[]

The girl next door with a librarian look.

Here is some routines and activities of a girl next door.

  • The girl next door wakes up in the morning on brushes her teeth and gets dressed for the day.
  • Oftentimes studies for college exams and also does her homework the night before.
  • Sometimes she lives with her parents before going to college and then she picks out a door with a roommate that sometimes is a total opposite.
  • Often makes her bed in the morning.
  • She likes to wear casual dresses and sweaters frequently.
  • Sometimes she has a boyfriend but but often it is just a friendship.
  • She likes to hang out with the guys especially the nerds.
  • She talks to her neighbors a lot especially the boy next door who is captain of the basketball or football team.
  • She also uses advanced words in her sentences and essays.
  • Usually she is home studying for a medical license or a degree in sociology.