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Huff is an additive to most foods that causes health problems such as red eyes, mental illness, irrational thinking, noisy stomachs, diarrhea, temper tantrums, hallucinations, and gastric cramps. Huff has been on the market for thousands of years and also became a problem with the University of Krappermann.

The effects of huff.


The origin of huff is a mystery and like other crap that is added to food, it is used to enhance the flavor of products.

In the 1950s this substance was used by the populace in everything from food to cleaning products without knowing the true horrible side effects that it will cause later in life and to marriages.

Then in 1965 the government tried to unsuccessfully ban certain types of huff from being distributed by billion-dollar companies and were eventually sued for tampering with corporate affairs costing the government over $5 billion in legal fees and this started the Huff Revolution.

This time huff was available in every household as Huffino a brand name of the pure concentrated form of the substance and also other companies wanted in on the production of this controversial product.