Illegal drugs, a series of illegal substances that are linked to hair loss, hearing voices about the impending apocalypse, seeing unicorns with guns and more terrible things.

The illegal drug trade is the largest in the world costing over trillions of dollars each year for people to get high as a kite on a rainbow.

However, over the years the United States government turned a blind eye and let some additives go into food and drinks without informing the public causing a mass amount of obesity and

Types of Drugs Edit


Drugs are bad!

Here is the list of scheduled drugs by levels of misuse risk that is implemented by the US government to control these substances these are some of the obsolete classifications.

  • Schedule 0

Drugs that don't affect the body but your mind without even taking them.

  • Schedule 1

Don't know what is up with Schedule 1. Ask Barack Obama for this one.

  • SCHEDULE 2!!!!!!

Agent 1: Whoa take one more?

Agent 2: We'll see but can I get some *sniffs* sleep? Agent 3: Am I flying out to New York?

  • Schedule 3

A drug that's made by the government agency to control the population and the world.

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