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Cheating on yourself is a spouse's or lover's way of say "Goodbye your damn piece of @#$%!!!". that's the most common phrase in cheating that the spouse doesn't want your ass it is time to move on so do it you fool.

Why did you cheat well you're not happy with the hen you're living with and it's time to move on to a sexy beastly girl.

The Other Girl or Man[]

Yeah I know the girl the one that gets away but comes back to you for more and no matter how much you try she's dirty, and maybe it's because she's sexy we don't know we're not you. As for you gold digger you just want another man to make you feel happy or maybe when his gold runs out that you want to kill him we will never know the one thing that drives you crazy. then what you do is kill him but you feel sorry but too late.

The Friend Factor[]

Then the cheating wife or husband will have an affair with a friend that is close. But sometimes the woman or the man will likely to cheat on each other in two different occasions but end up together again in the friends who they cheated on with we'll get together too and have a happy family.

"What the hell did you do?"[]

"Really what the hell did you do why did you sleep with him you cheating skank why did you do this to me?"

This is a common phrase cheating after the spouse finds out that his wife was cheating on him.