"Really I'm not trolling I'm just trying to make a point here about how social skills are lacking in the day of age and who could blame me for getting pissed off with today"-an asshole

An insult also called putdown or a diss is an expression, statement or sometimes behavior which is considered degrading and offensive.

Insults are usually intentionally to cause a person to flip their lids and start to fight with the person who taunted them resulting in bodily injuries and bruised egos.


  • Son-of-a-wretch
  • Yo' momma's horse

How Insults Work Edit

They are words that hurt people but it's not a serious problem for the trolls who are used to insulting other people because they feel bigger than they really are.

Words hurt by slicing your soul with a sound frequency that is invisible to the naked eye called a sonic diss and also because the words are invisible the police can't see them nor do they care about the bullshit.

Ins come in many forms the physical and violent the physical form comes from a hypothetical particle called the Seymour-Buttes particle which is an invisible subinsultic atom that processes the scientific crap that is written in this false report.

This is a useless formula for the Seymour-Buttes equation that doesn't mean a thing:

$ S¹+M²=Sm³(b)√(utts) $

The Word Cuck Edit

The work cuck is another example of an immature insult that is thrown around in the media and Internet meaning "cuckold" meaning a man married to an unfaithful wife, especially when he is unaware or unaccepting of the fact.

Lack of Social Skills Edit

The role of insults in the social sense may be better understood by a messed up person without feeling any remorse.

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