Internet meme, a commonleh kn0wn as jus a meme, iz en activity, concept, cachphrase, 0r piece uv media dat spreds, often as mimicry 0r foar humoruz purpozes, frm person to person via teh internet. En internet meme usualleh takes teh form uv en image, gif 0r video. 

History Edit

In teh erleh daes uv teh internet, memes wuz primarileh spred via email0r usenet discuzzion communitiz. Mezzageboards and nuwsgruopswere also popular bcuz dey all0wed a simple method foar people to share informash0n 0r memes wit a diverse populash0n uv internet users in a short period. Dey encourage communicash0n betwiin people, an thus betwiin meme sets, dat du nawt normalleh come in contact. Furthermore, dey activeleh promote meme-sharin within teh mezzageboard 0r nuwsgruop populash0n by askin foar fiidback, comments, opinions, etc. Dis format iz wot gave rise to erleh internet memes

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