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"What died?"-George W. Bush

"Well I enjoyed my stay here!"-Barack Obama

"Seriously, why does this place exist?"-Alicia Icky

Kable City, a disgusting city and capital of Asscrackistan that is made of rubble from Beirut's capital, a pile of old automobiles, slums, old factories, toxic waste. The inhabitants are called Cablites

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who lived in cheap apartments. In 1968 the population was 34,000 but dropped to 450 people. This caused an uproar in Asscrackistan making the government angry and creation of the Talibanana.


The tribes founded this dump in the 20th century B.C. as a fornicator colony, resort and outpost for deviants. Then the Great Cheating Tramp put to death King Nutticus for being a womanizing idiot. In the Fartican Era the city of Kable became a city for thieves, libertines, and sadists.

The "New City"[]

The Britishers invaded Asscrackistan in the 19th century and totally decimated the country and the natural resources for their greedy ruler Shah al-Kebab who was known to have starve about a million goats that they foolishly used as beasts of burden. However the Asscrackistanis kicked out the Britishers and destroyed their army in the process.

Finally in the 20th the city's name changed from Kable to Cable City "The Boredom Capital of the World" and outsourced companies were sent here to establish trade however this proved to be disasterous and also the people started to reject the modernization of the country.