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Kathy Griffin
Name Kathy Griffin
Date of birth Unknown (created by Barack Obama)
Gender Female
Status Alive (1999)
Birthplace 1972
Alignment Evil
Special talents Being an insufferable human being.
First debut 450 B.C.
Known for Her unfunny jokes
Popularity Unpopular
Silly powers Her terrible jokes temporary blinds and incapacitates people, she can turn people to stone by laughing
Relatives Amy Schumer (niece)

Kathy Griffin or Queen Reddish, a criminal mastermind and comedian was known for her controversial and lewd attitude.


Kathy Griffin was created by the bowels of Hell and put on this planet through an agreement with the President of Evil to serve out her banishment because of extreme violence and intimidation.

In 1978 Kathy sank an ocean liner by singing an evil song about the United States and was arrested by authorities.

She served a 3 year prison sentence for negligent homicide and wrongful death of a dozen people on the cruise.

After she was released from prison in Griffin decided to start a protest against treatment of murderers and other offenders.

Then in 1982 she started a rally in Washington D.C. to pressure the government to release medical records of her political enemies.

Trolling Career[]

Kathy had her first break in comedy in trolling in 1984 as a standup troll in a cheap nightclub in downtown Los Angeles and notoriously hacked into the computers of the United States Government.

Kathy trolling her audience...

She was later arrested for spying on the Soviet Union and was released on bail after a days in jail.

Kathy continued to troll people with her divisive rhetoric and propaganda on American politics.


Kathy Griffin was involved with dumping rights activism for the legal dumping of chemicals and toxic waste in remote areas of the city and was arrested for faking her own health problems.


Kathy was worshipped in ancient times as a goddess of destruction and mayhem. She also was a disgusting and immoral woman who preyed on sailors and she ate feces and drank urine to keep her youth which failed.