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a kitchen is the place in homes where food is cooked food and talk about enemies at the same time and come in many forms. The most common things found in the kitchen is a stove and dishwasher.

What lives in kitchens?[]

Kitchens are home to many pet pests like the cockroaches, a stripper named Geegee. The piss elves and ass monkeys that eat your food up and leave turds everywhere. Kitchens are also homes to clowns that eats everything in sight. over the years kitchens provide proving grounds for the US military and the CIA.


Lots of scandals do happen in the kitchen over the years like Andy Dick was convicted purposely kicking a stripper out of the restaurant which is illegal in many states. The most famous case of kitchen violence happened in casinos in Atlantic City. A bartender was brutally stabbed with a banana while serving Vice President Chuck Norris a martini with a fly in it. John Kerry used to yell at his wife in the kitchen when he found out that she was sleeping with a mailman.

How to keep them clean?[]

First, you wipe them with grease and then take a bottle of gasoline and light it then throw it into the kitchen to kill unwanted pests. Then you can rebuild the kitchen later for $340,000 dollars. This process is dangerous if you didn't do it right.