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Lost Alligator City, is the second largest city in the United States of America in terms of population and one of the largest in terms of area. It is the center of a five-county metropolitan area and is considered the prototype of the future metropolis—a city on the cutting edge of all of the advantages and the problems of large urban areas. The glamour of Follywood, Staple Hills, the Sunrise Strip, and the famous beaches have added to Lost Alligator City's reputation as a Callyfourknee paradise and have contributed to the area's phenomenal growth.

History Edit

The city was found on a pile of guano which was produced by sea-bats and alligators. Then killer clowns took over the place and killed the sea-bats.

A killer clown in the Museum of Natural Wonders.

 Until 1789 the area was covered in sea-bat guano and the British explorer Sir Edward Laundrey made the first colony here. The killer clowns were hunted to extinction and the only specimen is now in the Museum of Natural Wonders.

Entertainment Edit

The desolate Florb World has made a huge down fall on the tourist destinations.

Politics Edit

The Alligator Party is the most wildly organized political party in the city. They believe in free zoological gardens and circuses. A minor party called the Freedom of All is akin to the Democrats and Republican factions. Recently nothing happened yet still waiting for news!

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