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Lost Alligator City
Country United States
Population 4 million
Metropolitan Area 13,310,447
Area 468.67 sq mi
Government Socialist City Council
Political Party American Socialist Party
Ethnic Groups 1,888,158 Whites (49.8%), 365,118 African Americans (9.6%), 28,215 Native Americans (0.7%), 426,959 Asians (11.3%), 5,577 Pacific Islanders (0.1%), 902,959 from other races (23.8%), and 175,635 (4.6%) from two or more races. Hispanics or Latinos of any race were 1,838,822 persons (48.5%).
Demonym Angelinos (unofficial), Spoiled Brats (informal), Immature Adults (official)
Settled 1700s
Incorporated 1865
Time Zone Pacific Time
Budget -$300 billion
Economy None
Revenue -$45 billion
Living Cost $45 billion
Living Conditions Poor
Controversies Socialism, scandals, and dumb politicians

Los Angeles, Lost Alligator City, Ass City, Gran Culo Ciudad is the second largest city in the United States of America in terms of population and one of the largest in terms of area. It is the center of a five-county metropolitan area and was considered the prototype of the future metropolis a city on the cutting edge of all of the advantages and the problems of large urban areas.

The dreadful charmless neighborhoods of Follywood, Staple Hills, and the infamous polluted beaches have added to the horrible reputation of Lost Alligator City as being a failed Caliphornian city and have contributed nothing to the economic growth.


The city was found on a pile of guano which was produced by sea-bats and alligators. Then killer clowns took over the place and killed the sea-bats.

A killer clown in the Museum of Natural Wonders.

Until 1789 the area was covered in sea-bat guano and the British explorer Sir Edward Laundrey made the first colony here. The killer clowns were hunted to extinction and the only specimen is now in the Museum of Natural Wonders.


Mitch Dumbsey World, a horrible theme park with dangerous rides attractions, overly expensive accommodations, disgusting food and filthy hotel rooms.

They are worth $50 billion in debt and also took too many loans out to repay that debt ended up spending more resulting in decreasing tourism and several lawsuits.


The Democratic Party is the most wildly organized political party in the city. They believe in free zoological gardens and circuses. A minor party called the Freedom of All is akin to the Democrats and Republican factions. Recently nothing happened yet still waiting for news of current events.

Districts, Urban Areas and Neighborhoods[]

Downtown, Lost Alligator City is the central business and cultural district of Lost Alligator City, California, as well as a diverse residential neighborhood of some 1,580,000 people. A 2013 study found that the district is home to over 500,000 jobs. The people tend to treat the non-residents that makes up 0.1% of the population like garbage and look down on them as human vermin.

Follywood, an urban area of Lost Alligator City that has the studios of failed movies and TV shows that are kept in a dilapidated warehouse owned by the street gangs.

Staple Hills, a district of Lost Alligator City, where staples are made and the most unsuccessful sections of the city. People get paid for making more than 4.9 billion stapler a year. The name Staple Hills came from the fact that used staples are dumped in the valley.

Guevara Gardens, an affluent urban area that is the location of the TurdTube headquarters and many statues of socialist leaders including Che Guevara of which it's named after and Nancy Pelosi has a large statue downtown.