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The ideal human man.

"Mankind is a joke!"-Angryman

Humanity, the collective name for humans and using the word man and woman to separate the genders. The humans were doomed when the moment he ate the apple from the forbidden tree. God told him not to do it and who does it HE #!@#@$ing does!

Modern Man[]

Modern man did not learn from his mistakes at all. The evolution of his brain has slowed since the Stoner Age. Sick and perverse man has gotten over the years. The cornography he reads has rotted his brain some more. Also, man is so preoccupied with breasts that they become aggressive apes again. Men seem to be attracted to women, as a result, this could lead to good or bad consequences.

Man & Woman[]

The relationship between man and woman hasn't been positive or negative. The woman has always been the nurturing side of man. But man has been the loner and the protector of women. This has been the order of things since the dawn of Chaos and goats.


Man successively mastered the art of relationships over the years however they are strained by certain species of the opposite sex. However, humanity reclaimed its title over embarrassment and ridicule and became the champion of mingling.


Humans like and tend to be very sensitive to the crap that doesn't happen to them. Also, they are highly racist and also mean to each other on purpose just to get a rise.

The humans evolve from flinging feces to shooting each other with guns when they don't know when to quit badgering people about political correctness that doesn't freaking matter. This is where crap really hits the fan and also bleep gets real fast.


A term that is used as referring to the human race in its entirety including women.

Mankind has been a controversial and criticized concept by the media today as sexist or not inclusive towards feminists.

Only feminism preaches a prejudicial ideology that makes men out as the common threat and needs to be suppressed.

Political correctness and unconstitutional laws had been on the feminist agenda for years.