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Marriage, an act where two people tie the knot on an altar several feet in the air in a church and it is approved by the priest.

This can be met with objection or acceptance by the two families who would tell the couple how they feel about the whole thing.


The history of marriage goes back to the beginning of the Stoner Age where a man and a woman got together to start a family by slaying the largest beast climbing the highest mountain.

Sometimes this resulted in both parties getting hurt or worst killed in the process because of their commitment to dangerous stunts.

Wedding Cake[]

A wedding cake is a traditional cake served at wedding receptions following dinner. In some parts of England, the wedding cake is served at a wedding gossip gathering.

The 'wedding gossip gathering" is a tradition where unmarried women get together and gossip about the new bride behind her back and hoping the marriage will fail.

In modern Western culture, the wedding cake is usually fancy and decorated with snobbish materials such as ribbons and other nauseating trinkets.

Traditionally, wedding cakes were made to bring good luck to the groom because he needs that for dealing with a nagging wife.

Nowadays, the wedding cake is used to symbolize the materialistic world of marriage and bringing jealous bridesmaids together so they can eat their woes away.

He or she is usually angry because they don't what do the other people happy about and take it out on them by creating horrendous cakes.


Hit, however, there is a drawback to marriage which follows in divorce and also infidelity meaning cheating on a spouse.

This can be for the following reasons and factors that no one saw coming which includes:

  • Boredom in the marriage.
  • Temptation into committing adultery.
  • Addiction to attention and vices.
  • Watching too many feel-good movies.
  • Different opinions in politics and religion.
  • Leaving the toilet seat up after using it.