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The Supermen, a race of a-holes who took over the world as they assumed. The Supermen are among the most fascist people in the universe. They took over the governments of planets and the Supertronian Empire. The Supertronian hero named Megamax took on the tyranny of the hedonistic superwoman named Super Donna.


Supertronian Empire[]

The Supertronian Empire was established in 389 B.C. by Voltronax the Lame. Then came a series of Moonite attacks resulted in the collapse of the "Senate of Concubines" and the Supertronian Government.

On their planet of Brainia the Supermen established a male and female hierarchy system of government.

Their goal was to coexist with each other without mingling and reproduction.

Well, this thing work out according to plan and the ended up multiplying by the millions until the planet exploded with debt.