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The proof is in her quote!

Mrs. Mob Violence, a criminal mastermind, politician and a hatemonger who is notorious for calling "mob violence" against anyone who doesn't agree with her views such as Republicans and conservatives.

She started out as a loudmouth buffoon to a criminally insane psychopath who doesn't take responsibility for her own actions and blames others rather than working on the problem.

Early Life[]

Maxine Waters was born in 1938 in a galaxy not so far away actually she was born in a city somewhere in the United States.

In 1945 her family was forced from the planet for inciting violence against the citizens.

Then in 1964 she founded a group of zealots that spewed left-wing hatred and formed a form of liberalism that caused the "Shitstorm Panic" within the party.

"Mob Violence!"[]

Maxine Waters called for more "mob violence" against non-leftists because they were deemed inferior to her standards and favored a capitalist society and also she was investigated for instigating threats of violent attacks on charities, bakeries and school programs.

Once you even she even held a town meeting on how she's going to get back at her enemies by increasing taxes.