Meat in all it's glory!

Processed meat, "natural meat", an edible crap that's from any animal and usually it is usually processed by food companies who replaces the real meat with fillers and ground up corpses. Meat is also made of foam rubber, animal byproduct, styrofoam and also other questionable ingredients. The FDA turns a blind eye on the stuff that goes into the meat products and also other health inspection agencies ignore the fact that meat is not natural anymore.

Artificial meat is sold in blocks that are kept frozen in a big giant freezers and then shipped to supermarkets and also small shops that illegally sell it.


"Meat is meat!" Edit

The phrase "Meat is meat!" is very accurate because most meat is made of many ingredients including "questionable" ingredients that go into the production of me and other food products. However, regulations have been implemented by the government not to add preservatives and artificial fillers however these laws, of course, are often ignored. Meatpacking plants reported that florb and other genetically enhanced farm animals were used for food only. Sometimes workers go missing in the factories and really rarely they show up on the supermarket shelves in the meat aisle.

Swine Edit

Swine is arere and unusually illegal meat that is eaten by the snobby people hiding in the mountains of the United States and Canadia.

The hillsnobs obtained the falsified rights to hunt swine from millionaire and former U.S. ambassadors.

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