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Dumbsey World a theme park in the United States of America and is a multibillion dollar company that took over half of the movie industry.

History Edit

Mitch Dumbsey World opened up in 1955 in Los Angeles, California and became a major tourist attraction.

Over the years it accumulated more than a billion dollars of revenue from its guests and by 1966 it became a multibillion dollar corporation.

In 1978 the park was closed for a month because of health and safety concerns with the venues and rides.

Then in 1982 a series of new attractions were added to the park like the Uranium Dumps and Sovietland.

Dumbsey Funded Failures Edit

The Dumbsey Space Center was a "multi-billion dollar piece of crap!" said Fred Harsh, CEO of the Mitch Dumbsey Corporation and more agricultural divisions.

This was the reason why NASA cut funding for the program which crashed more than 4,000 rockets, and wasted more that 67,000 acres of farmland.

Also Dumbseyland has been criticized for being a scheme for getting more visitors to their failing park.

Sections of the Park Edit

  • Hipster Haven
  • Uranium Dumps
  • Hillary Clinton Museum
  • Asshatville
  • Bluntstown
  • Hell's Kitchen
  • Shits n' Giggles Theater
  • Lunatic Ranch
  • Crappy Movie Studios
  • Sovietland

Former Attractions

  • The Hall of Murderers (1964-1996), shut down because of a problem with multiple murders occurring there. It was the last time any serial killer attractions were allowed in public.
  • Sewage Treatment Museum (1995-1999), closed after a pipe explosion causing a river of raw sewage to flood the section of the park.
  • Old Toytown (1964), abandoned after toys started to come alive and murder the guests.
  • Main Street Park (1991-2006), shut down after tainted food caused a huge outbreak of violent zombies and killed a bunch of tourists. The health department condemned the whole area as a hazard for human health and had it shut down.
  • The Dumbsey Gallery (1987–2007): was failed gallery of Dumbsey-related art. The Dumbsey Gallery was the only area listed on Dumbsey World maps as both an attraction and a retail location. Also the Gallery sometimes featured subliminal artwork and sketches from certain attractions or movies, sometimes (as in the 100 Muckeys exhibit) the displayed art was associated only with Dumbsey and not with any specific attraction, film, or event. Often, prints from the exhibit were available for purchase via the print-on-demand system, and the Gallery always featured items such as books about Dumbsey artwork. It was shut down about burnt to the ground by the CEO because of a scandal involving a series of counterfeit copyrighted materials that were sold illegally.
  • The Muckey Gallery (2005-2009) used to sell prints of the ride posters featured in the tunnels leading to and from Main Street Park. The former gallery was replaced by the Dumbsey World Suite. In October 2009 the gallery closed its doors forever, but now it sits empty on Main Street Park.
  • Dumbsey World Suite (2008-2014), a 2,000-square-foot luxury apartment. It was created as part of the failed promotion that ran from April through September of 2008 however it failed due to a waste of money. Now the area is filled with homeless people and rats.
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