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Moonite Empire
Capital Lunar Base
Population 2.0 billion
Languages Moonite
Government Totalitarian regime
Legislature Moonite Senate
Head of Government Supreme Moon Lord
GDP None
Currency Moon Dollars
Human Rights Atrocious

Moonites, a political group of hostile humanoid supremacists who waged war against humanity then was discriminated in return on Earth it also discriminated against the humans and caused a lot of social issues with the American people.

They were thought to be from New Plutonia a name for the planet that was discovered by an astronaut who smoked too much huff and started to hallucinate about other things.

Empire of the Moonites[]

A Moonite, nothing more to it.

The Moonites established an empire on the surface of the Moon. Their plans were to hinder the Earth from getting power by making them promiscuous women to tempt them. On Earth, they have the Moonite nation. They fight against Republicans and sided with the Liberal Party.

Rise of the Moonite Empire[]


The Moonites taxed the Republicans by the wishes of Lord Obama.

Then a mothership of Moonites invaded the Earth and tried to take advantage of the free health care system and medical marijuana.

Their occupation of Earth was met with opposition from world governments because they were mooching off the system and also causing too problems with the economy of the United States.