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A woman producing a lot of energy from her breasts.

Renewable mammary energy, the natural energy that comes from the female breasts. Also, it powers the machines such as power grids of large cities.

This type of energy isn't accepted by the scientific community yet nor any governments of the world because it is in the early stages of development and also some people might think this is a crackpot theory.

However natural breast energy has been around for a long time and it's proven to do absolutely nothing but to arouse men and also power machines in some odd way.

Types of Mammary Energy

Running energy where breasts bounce several times per second.

Breast Bouncing

Bouncing breasts energy can be measured by seconds to minutes this has enough power to run over a hundred machines and even an entire city without stopping.

This is still in development and also studies are being conducted more on this possibility of clean energy in the future and some progress is being made in this area.

There is a possibility this is going to take many years to harness and women who are willing to be test subjects are going to be paid minimum wage and free rides to the clinics.

Electrical Breasts

There is an alternative solution to electricity a single female breast can power a single light bulb and also a dozen street lights and also can be used as a clean source of energy rather than wasteful.