"The Universe was created by MEEE!!!!" Obamateph

  • The Greatest Savior (self proclaimed)
  • Barack Obama (former name)
  • Obamajuana (alias)
  • Lord Barack Obamateph
Date of birth 5000 B.C. (August 4, 1961)
  • Ruling the world (failed)
  • Turning the United States into a dictatorship (failed)
  • Becoming the first American dictator (failed)
  • Remembered as the worst President of the United States (succeeded)
Special talents Choking people with his mind, manipulation, silencing his enemies by murder with the Far Side
First debut 2012
Known for Magalomaniac, banning charities, banning organ donation, hatred of democracy

Obamateph the Tyrant, formerly the Pharaoh of the United States of America and thought he had unlimited power. He tried to rule with an iron fist and was the psychotic dictator of the world.

Obamateph came into power by brainwashing the Americans and promised a "new state" of the Union in return he's turning America into an empire of hatred and fear.

Cult Edit

Obamateph has been worship for 3,000 years so far recent Windy Marijuana Fish, Obamah, Obamahama an evil god that was opposed by the morons in 450 B.C. and the national god of Asscrackistan.

He was known to write tablets have been found in a public bathroom in Cable City, Asscrackistan. This became a new trend to make the people stop their devotion to a piece of rancid ham.

His cult spread throughout the land brainwashing the population of pig people and caused a huge riot to break out in the World of Warkraft.

Policies & Political IdeologyEdit

The Obamateph administration was the most corrupted and hateful regimes in American history. He banned everything from freedom to cultural icons such as Elvis Presley.

Obamateph said wanted everyone to build statues of him and became increasingly paranoid about losing his power.

In 2009 his followers built a huge temple in Los Angeles called the Obama Temple of Unicorns.

More than a million people watched in horror as their homes were destroyed by the construction of the massive structure.

The introduction of Socialism was his ultimate goal for which he was a member of the far-left.

His AgendaEdit

  • He wanted healthcare to go to the rich people who worship "Him" as a god.
  • His poor rating on anti-gun laws and insight of various needs for his people.
  • He made fun of the Republican Party im putting them down as an inferior race.
  • Erected statues in third world countries to prove a point is part of his daily routine.
  • He wiretapped the Americans who opposed his policies and made sure they're following his rules or he would take away their freedoms.
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