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Politics, a series of stupid and complicated crap that nobody wants to talk about and therefore it's forbidden from being mentioned ever again. However, politics are the main reasons why human beings argue and also kill each other because they cannot agree on how to run a damn country.


Each society has its own stupid set of rules and regulations that are part of the old political governing structure. This practice goes back to the Stoner Age where humans could do whatever they wanted without the government telling them what to do. However, this came with the price when tribal leaders started to put on wigs and try to rule each brainless tribe with their own set of guidelines this didn't fare well with the population. Soon man started to rebel against the tyranny of the majority, in other words, they started the kick and ask questions later. Then came dysfunctional nations after another trying to implement their bull crap upon the population by making the economy larger by stealing from the poor.

In modern politics, migraines are more common because people just don't know when to shut up and start spewing all this crap about their problems in society blah blah blah blah. Well, they wonder why there are many casualties on both sides because nobody is out to get them except themselves and this and the history of politics.