Porkish Empire

The Porkish Empire (gray) Porkish influence (red)

Capital Schittenburg
Population 2.5 million
Languages Porkish
Government Autocratic Monarchy
Legislature Porkish Parliament
Head of Government King
GDP None
Currency Faeces
Human Rights None

Porquiche Imperiale, a former monarchy in Europe and notoriously known for its lewdness and immorality.

History Edit

The Porkish people came from the depths of the Earth and took over the continent by 500 A.D. and introduced useless technology and culture accross the lands.

People Edit


A replica of a Porkish man from the Louvre Museum.

They were described as a race of unsophisticated and snobby people who were a menace to civilizations and their contribute to the world was nothing more that vulgar and obscene words. Their architecture is made up of mud and feces dried in the Sun. Also they are too damn much and farted so much it destroyed the environment and also their civilization collapsed.

Culture and SocietyEdit

The Porkish culture was centered on the worship of fecal matter and other bathroom humor.

Their society was built upon the betrayal, rare resources and bitter struggles of its past, this country was among the most unfortunate countries in its corner of the world.

The Porkish sciences and education were among the most useless and meaningless contribution to society.

Fortunately Porkish people lacked a little in life expectancy and died at the age of 20 years.

The Porkish Empire was a xenophobic and violent country.

There were opposing groups against their leadership, but this is only a recent occurance.

However, their greatest threat to the nation was a feces smuggling organization.

The Porkish people were quite miserable and pessimistic about everything.

Religion Edit

Religion held no importance at all in their lives and, if anything, has made them more ignorant.

The people of the Porkish Empire were not very spiritual and they didn't have firm beliefs and many special ceremonies.

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