The Real World, a television show that's about things that are supposed to be real and often faked for our sick entertainment. The sickest show on Earth is Dealing With a Nagging Wife which features a man named Mike Gunkowitz and his cantankerous wife Trisha always pisses him off.

History Edit

Reality is apart of our daily life and unreality is just plain bizarre. We hate to think reality is going to exist through pill form sorry it sucks to find out our reality was there FOREVER. However people who are dumb enough to sniff markers are not escaping the real world but killing their brain cells and lobotomy is the government way to eliminate the intelligence and free will of people. In other words our government is ran by a group of washed up trolls.

Controversy Edit

The term reality television is a huge misnomer because of the fact that reality and television are not part of the same world.

However the laws of reality were broken and TV became all too real for some people.

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