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Religion, a series of thoughts that are more like feelings, and actions that are shared by suckers in the media, news, and the Adele people who listen to her music.

The religious consciousness generally recognizes a sacred order and elaborates on a technique to deal with the world and dedicate or get elements from social issues such as politics, money, and racism.

Yes, this isn't what religion means it implies worshipping different things like breasts, guns, violence, and hardcore video games with machine guns, and swords.

Religion as a Lie or Exaggerations[]

Religion has been called a lie ever since its inception but now the media is banning religious practices by atheism and cheap ads for smoking.

The end of the world of free thought has been in practice by the Flying Idiot Monsters and other crazy made-up characters from books, movies, and other sources.

However, religion is what one makes it out to be, and if they want to believe a green hippo dancing on a pizza while floating around in the sky that is what they get.

This doesn't make it right or wrong good or bad it's just a way that people see the world in a warship the way they want to, therefore, people need to let it be and worry about their own lives.

Types of Religions[]