Republican Party, GOP, The Good Old People, a major political party of the United States that is often labeled as racist and homophobic towards other people who are different.

However, it was the Republicans that abolished slavery end standing up for minorities while the Democrats wanted to keep slavery because they were racist and lazy all day not doing anything in the field

Over the years the Republicans were targeted by the butthurt Democrats who lost a lot of election because of their bigotry and dumbass behavior.

In the 1950s the Democrats went to the Republican side giving the Republicans the label of racist but really the Democrats were hiding because they were cowards.


The Republican Party was created to hinder the lazy Democrats during the early 19th century when slavery was a big deal in the American South.

Then the American Civil War broke out and ended slavery freeing all the slaves from the servitude of the Democrats who were responsible for the terrible conflict, to begin with, and hates to admit that they were wrong in the Republicans were right. the treaty was sighed ending the conflict.

However, the assassination of President Lincoln in 1865 made the Democrats hard to believe and also started a whole mess of problems in the future with the segregation between African Americans and white people which was really unnecessary and a crappy thing to do.

This opened a can of worms then people started to treat each other like a bunch of animals and separated them from society including restaurants and other establishments that were for rich white Democrats only and not for the poor white people and African Americans.

The Democrat Opposition

Then Democrats did not approve of the Republicans once more the opposition between Democrats and Republicans turned into a bitter argument that caused even dumber and insignificant arguments between the two parties.

The people were getting pretty sick and tired of the Democrats arguing with Republicans and they decided to oppose any stupid bill that was proposed by a Democrat scumbag because it was just a bunch of racist pictures scribbled on a piece of paper with slurs.

Current Situation

The Democrats still believe that the Republicans are racist and therefore slanders their name because they can't admit they were defeated and they were in the wrong by pretending they care about all sorts of people including purple people

Republican Beliefs

  • Freedom of speech and expression.
  • Less government intervention in the lives of American citizens.
  • People are responsible for their own actions in politics and society.
  • The opposition of left-wing politics such as the ideology of Socialism.
  • Rejection of "big government" and the leftist control over the lives of others.
  • Protecting the people from wackos, anarchists, leftists, feminists, socialists, and fascist asshats.
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