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"Revenge is mine!"-John Kerry

"The only good thing about revenge is it makes you look more like an idiot!"-Angryman

Getting even with somebody, revenge is a harmful action against or group in response to a grievance out real or perceived. It is also called payback, retribution, retaliation or ass-kicking.

Revenge is embedded in the brain of humans wanting to get even with the people who wronged them by going off the deep end.

This may include the use of a gun, rubber chicken, knife, chainsaw, or any unconventional weapon that does bodily harm to a person there is a rubber chicken can be very Lisa with used wrongly.

Also, there are laws against revenge because oftentimes leads to death or serious injury because of a person with no self-control might harm another person are you related to the target this leads to more revenge for the one who is accidentally killed vice versa.

Effects of Revenge[]

"Here we go again! More bullshit!"-A person in the middle of revenge.

Revenge is a never-ending cycle of violence and also dumb bullshit that means nothing anymore because the one who seeks revenge and succeeds starts a series of events and that leads to more rubber chickens being flung around.

This is a waste of time at this point of rubber chickens and patience between the two groups of people seeking more and more revenge against each other, and the ones he would he or she picked a fight with accidentally within the feud.