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A typical rich person enjoying his own money...

Affluent people, a high-class group of people who owns the world and companies that are mining the gold.

There are over 300 million rich people in the world and 5% of them are living in miserable conditions.


The rich people are descendants of hunter-bankers who saved their food after hunting and stored it in vaults.

However, the hunter-gatherers were not able to compete with their well organized and sophisticated competitors and eventually vanished from the world.

In 5,000 B.C. the emergence of Homo consumers started by the end of the Stoner Age and the Affluent enslaved them by depriving them of food.

Many centuries later the rise of the Affluent Empire brought order and banking to the land corruption followed.

The Bank of Rome was established in 450 B.C. and people started to keep their gold in it and were frequently targeted by the poor and greedy.

The Modern Era of Rich People[]

Millionaires started to become more and more common in the 19th century Great Britain, Germany, and France were the richest countries.

However, they were taxed by the government for having too much money and some went into hiding in the mountains of the United States and Canada and labeled as hillsnobs by the populace.

Then came the 20th century of billionaires who accumulated their money from hardworking families who were gullible enough to pay them.


The social structure of rich people is very complex and sometimes not easily misunderstood.

However, their society consists primarily of social hierarchy such as the poorest to the wealthiest.

Sometimes the poor people are better off than being rich because of their happiness.

Jealousy and hatred towards the poor people stem from the fact that they are happier than the rich snobs.

The Anti-Poverty movement, a nationalist group of rich people has been targeting the impoverished population for decades and has been regarded as a hate group.


The culture of affluent people has changed over the years and is now considered a major issue for the local communities.

Rich people wear lavish clothes and accessories in public and dine in fancy restaurants.

They also enjoy swimming in pools filled with champagne and having caviar for breakfast.

Social Problems[]


There are many reports of rich people being ripped off by billions of dollars a year and not even making more than a few million.

This has been a problem for a while and each year it has gotten more and more common.

But new laws have been enacted by governments to combat such problems with money.

The most offensive term a rich person can be called is "snob" with more than a million people use to harass and intimidate them.